First outing for the year – Umhlanga 

My first birding outing for 2017 started off very quietly as we walked through the forest of the Umhlanga Nature Reserve.  On our last visit there we had seen Tambourine Dove and Black-throated Wattle-eye all within 10 minutes of being in the reserve. This time, nothing, but some nest building Yellow Weavers and a Tawny-flanked […]

Stanger and Umhlanga 

While staying in Umhlanga over Christmas I managed to drag my Dad up to Stanger to visit the Sappi Mill Bird Hide for the second time this year. My first visit to this spot produced quite a few Lifers and one rather interesting looking Baillon’s Crake – a leucistic form. I was hoping for an […]

Some of my latest finds…

Well lately I’ve done a few random birding trips, got another Lifer and a new pair of binocs!  I went down to Umhlanga at the beginning of June, it was my birthday weekend and also the first time meeting my new niece, Alice.  I decided on the day that I needed a new bird for […]