Easter weekend in the Kruger National Park 

After a long drive on the N4 from Joburg through heavy rain, we finally dropped down into the Lowveld and were welcomed by blue skies and a noticeable temperature increase. We arrived at the bridge overthe Crocodile River heading to Malelane gate and instantly I took in a deep breath because this is the place […]

The Specials

So the Kruger trip was a birding success with approx. 80 birds seen and heard. There were certainly a few very exciting moments when I finally found some new birds and found birds in unexpected places!   Of course the Woodland Kingfishers were around and calling all the time.  At first I could just hear […]

Kruger Birding

Lastminute.com That’s how we often book our trips to Kruger! I get in the mood for a bush break and only Kruger will do, so it’s quickly onto the http://www.sanparks.org.za website to check availability. Due to it still being school holidays, accommodation was limited but we waited it out and eventually the sort of bungalow […]