In other news…

Besides the excitement of my first ever twitching session to see the Spotted Crake I have had a few other fun birding experiences.

Firstly, I added another bird to the list at the same pond that the Crake is at – a Reed Cormorant.  The poor guy must have felt so unloved because there he was sitting out in the open posing nicely for everyone, but no one was paying attention to him because of the Spotted Crake!

Don’t worry I took a photo of you (Not a good one, but I got you!)

Back at home in our garden I finally managed to get a decent shot of a Cape White-eye.  Those little critters just don’t sit still ever, so I was chuffed with my photo.  They are regulars in the garden, and I just love their sweet chirpy sounds.

Cape White-eye

We have had a take over of nesting property in the garden in the past couple of weeks.  We had the Crested Barbets nesting in a log and the baby had just recently left the nest, but the family was still hanging aorund.  One day we noticed a Black-collared Barbet checking out the nest and it began pecking out a hole lower down from the Crested Barbets hole.  The Crested Barbet didnt take kindly to this and there was much protesting and shrill shrieking from them, but the Black-collareds seem to have won and taken ownership of the nest.

Black-collared Barbet

They seem to be using both of the holes now but we’re not sure if they are seperate chambers or if they have converted it into a bigger unit 😉 It’s really nice having a different bird nesting in the log, as we have had the Cresteds for many years now, although they are hanging around still and doing the usual tapping on our kitchen windows.  I love the call of the Black-collared and yesterday I was fortunate to see the pair dueting.  They were backlit by the afternoon sun, sitting next to each other but facing opposite directions and bobbing along to their “too-puddely-too-puddely-too-puddely” call. Gorgeous!

My mission will now be to get a shot of that, so I’m off to set up the tripod.





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