The Garden Birds So Far

Well after all the excitement of the Flycatcher and Seedeater, I did manage to see a bunch of the other regulars to our garden.

  1. Laughing Dove
  2. Cape Turtle Dove
  3. Red-eyed Dove
  4. Hadeda
  5. Grey Go-away Bird
  6. Indian Myna
  7. Southern-masked Weaver
  8. Cape Sparrow
  9. Cape White-eye
  10. Cape Starling
  11. Karoo Thrush
  12. Dark-capped Bulbul
  13. Crested Barbet
  14. Black-collared Barbet
  15. Speckled Mousebird
  16. Red-faced Mousebird
  17. Speckled Pigeon
  18. Southern Grey-headed Sparrow
  19. Streaky-headed Seedeater
  20. African Paradise Flycatcher

There is also a female sparrow type bird hoping around by the bird feeder, but I can’t quite figure out who she is.  I bought myself the LBJ’s Made Simple book today, so that should help ID her.

The Karoo Thrush has been kept very busy in the past few days feeding her baby, quite a demanding little thing indeed!


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