On the home front

I live in Johannesburg, South Africa and despite it being a huge city, with obvious pollution and smog, its actually quite a green city with a good selection of suburban birdlife.


African Hoopoe – Home, Joburg

We are lucky enough to have  a fairly big garden which does attract a lot of birds.  We have the usual garden birds but every now and then we get something less common which causes great excitement.  The most special species for me to ever visit our garden was a Spotted Eagle Owl.  One morning we heard lots of commotion outside and eventually realised it was all the smaller birds mobbing this gorgeous owl sitting in our palm tree.  This owl stayed with us for about a month and was quite relaxed with us hanging around watching his/her every move.

In the next few posts I will document which birds I have seen in the garden so far this year (all 3 days of it).






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