In other news…

Besides the excitement of my first ever twitching session to see the Spotted Crake I have had a few other fun birding experiences. Firstly, I added another bird to the list at the same pond that the Crake is at – a Reed Cormorant.  The poor guy must have felt so unloved because there he […]

The Specials

So the Kruger trip was a birding success with approx. 80 birds seen and heard. There were certainly a few very exciting moments when I finally found some new birds and found birds in unexpected places!   Of course the Woodland Kingfishers were around and calling all the time.  At first I could just hear […]

Kruger Birding That’s how we often book our trips to Kruger! I get in the mood for a bush break and only Kruger will do, so it’s quickly onto the website to check availability. Due to it still being school holidays, accommodation was limited but we waited it out and eventually the sort of bungalow […]

The Garden Birds So Far

Well after all the excitement of the Flycatcher and Seedeater, I did manage to see a bunch of the other regulars to our garden. Laughing Dove Cape Turtle Dove Red-eyed Dove Hadeda Grey Go-away Bird Indian Myna Southern-masked Weaver Cape Sparrow Cape White-eye Cape Starling Karoo Thrush Dark-capped Bulbul Crested Barbet Black-collared Barbet Speckled Mousebird […]

The Garden Surprises

So the garden birds came to the party big time the other day! I stepped out into the garden to do some birding and thought wow its really quiet right now, I’m not gonna be out here long.  The first bird I saw was a Cape Starling, which was cool because they’re not our usual […]